Class Schedule, Descriptions and Rates

Click here for Shenandoah Yoga’s class schedule, including online sign-up.

Within each yoga class, students are encouraged to work at their own pace, concentrating on their form, alignment, and breath.  Drop-ins are welcome on a first-come, first-served basis for most classes; however, pre-registration is required one day in advance for all weekday morning yoga, gentle yoga and prenatal yoga classes as well as workshops and series classes.

Prenatal and Gentle Yoga classes are taught by instructors with specialized, additional yoga training (such as prenatal or therapeutic) beyond the Registered Yoga Teacher (RTY) training program.  Contact us for more information.

Note:  Classes may be cancelled due to inclement weather.  Cancellations will be posted at 540-746-8468.

We have yoga mats, straps, and some props available for students, but we encourage regular practitioners to bring their own mats for comfort and hygienic reasons. All classes are currently offered in downtown Harrisonburg.

Description of Classes

We expect most yoga classes will have students practicing at a variety of levels and with a variety of yoga experience.  Shenandoah Yoga’s classes are small and personal – we will give modifications to accommodate all students.  If you are unsure about which classes are most appropriate for you, feel free to ask us for advice.  Send us an email, introduce yourself, and tell us a little about your yoga experience, if any, and general fitness background.

Hatha Yoga: These Hatha yoga classes explore standing, seated and supine yoga poses of all sorts.  They build upon the knowledge, strength, flexibility and breath work practiced in the Beginner Classes. Modifications will be given in these inevitably multi-level yoga classes to accommodate students with varying yoga experience, strength and flexibility.  Expect these classes to be influenced by specific Hatha yoga sub-traditions such as but not limited to Iyengar, Anusara, Ashtanga, Integral and Vinyasa yoga – more or less of each – depending on your instructor.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga: These flowing yoga classes focus on coordinating movement in, within and out of poses with breath. Vinyasa Yoga classes will increase your endurance, strength and flexibility and help you find peace and mental quiet through flowing physical movements and mindful breathing. Various sun and/or moon salutations and more advanced poses of all types, including standing, seated and supine asanas as well as balances and inversions will be included. Some prior yoga experience is recommended.

Prenatal Yoga: Prenatal classes are appropriate for women at all stages of pregnancy.  They offer a supportive environment for pregnant women.  Have a healthier body during pregnancy and learn techniques to ease labor and delivery. Prenatal students are welcome to drop into regular Hatha Yoga classes. Please notify the instructor of your pregnancy.

Gentle Yoga: Gentle yoga classes are appropriate for students of all ages and offer a “gentler”, more therapeutic approach to yoga.  Standing, seated and supine poses are grouped together to limit a student having to get up and down.  The class also includes breath work and guided meditation.  Classes are very small, which means lots of individual attention and customization to suit your chronic and acute physical and mental conditions. Please notify the instructor of any health conditions.  She has specialized training in Yoga Therapy and will be able to customize class to select the best poses for you.

Hatha & Restorative Yoga: Enjoy a well rounded class that begins with mindful stretching where you need it most and that ends with a delicious period of deeply relaxing restorative poses. It’s the perfect way to unwind after a stressful day or week. This super mellow class is open to students of all levels. Beginners and gentle yoga practitioners are welcome.

Yoga for Runners: Yoga is a great complement to running. It can help prevent injuries, improve performance and reduce recovery time. This class incorporates yoga postures for better balance, building strength, increasing flexibility and better mental awareness. The emphasis is on opening the hips and hamstrings, developing core strength and stretching the low back.

Yoga for Healthy Backs: Carefully chosen active and restorative poses will help prevent and relieve back pain caused by musculoskeletal imbalances, tension, weakness, poor posture or stress among other factors. Prior back injuries or pain are not required of students attending – it’s never too soon to start taking better care of your back! Classes are taught by an instructor who is a Certified Yoga Therapist. We recommend students with current injuries get physician approval prior to attending.

Beginner Yoga: Approach yoga from a beginner mindset. These classes focus on yoga fundamentals: basic poses, breathing techniques, meditation and yoga philosophy. Practice at a slower pace and take more time in and between poses.  Yoga newbies are welcome, and more experienced students looking for a chiller yoga experience may also enjoy this class. (Note: The evening version of this class are a great way to wind down after a hectic day.)


Rates for 60, 75 or 90-minute Hatha, Vinyasa, Gentle and Beginner Yoga classes

General public
Drop In – $15
4 Class Pass – $52 ($13/class)
8 Class Pass – $88 ($11/class)
1 Month Unlimited Yoga – $75
3 Months Unlimited Yoga – $210
6 Months Unlimited Yoga – $396

Drop In – $13
4 Class Pass – $48 ($12/class)
8 Class Pass – $80 ($10/class)
1 Month Unlimited Yoga – $75
3 Months Unlimited Yoga – $210
6 Months Unlimited Yoga – $396

Rates for 75 or 90-minute Prenatal Yoga classes
Drop In – $17
4 Class Pass – $60 ($15/class)

Payment and Pass Policies for all classes

  • Cash or local checks with appropriate ID are accepted as payment.
  • The following credits cards are accepted: Visa/Mastercard/Discover/AMEX
  • 4 class passes are good for 2 months from first visit after date of purchase.
  • 8 class passes are good for 3 months from first visit after date of purchase.
  • Unlimited monthly yoga class passes apply to all regular AND specialty yoga classes, but do not apply to workshops or special events unless otherwise indicated. Class RSVPs are still required ahead of any specialty classes. Unlimited passes automatically will be suspended when studio is closed for one or more weeks and may be suspended for periods of two or more weeks by students anytime with two weeks of notice.

Private Instruction

In addition to our scheduled classes, Shenandoah Yoga offers private instruction for individuals or groups.  For example, we’ll work with you on

  • Individual, private instruction (for 1 student) – Want your own yoga class?  This is a great way to learn the basics of yoga one-on-one or to get the individual attention you need to advance your ongoing personal practice.
  • Semi-private instruction (for 2, 3, or 4 individuals) – Want to learn yoga or go deeper in poses with a few friends?  We’ll be happy to work with you and your closest friend(s).
  • Corporate Yoga Classes – We’ll come to your business and share the joy of yoga with your employees or customers.  Corporate yoga is a great way to promote health and fitness and relaxation.
  • Yoga Parties – Want to introduce your friends to yoga?  Or looking for a unique way to celebrate a birthday, bachelorette party or other special occasion?

Contact us to schedule just one session or a series.  We will customize offerings based on location, student experience levels, number of students, number of sessions, and duration of sessions.

Please call for rates for private sessions or yoga therapy. Private sessions can be customized in length and content to meet student needs, but typical sessions are for one or two students or groups and last 50 minutes or 80 minutes. All sessions are generally held at Shenandoah Yoga, and private at-home sessions can also be arranged for clients who cannot climb the stairs to the studio or have other special needs.